Call Centre Jobs at Risk: TCS CEO Warns of AI Impact

Elon Musk recently stated in an interview that AI will be smarter and more efficient than any human by 2025. This quote seems to look like a reality, as the call centre jobs will be taken over by AI soon. TCS Chief Executive, K Krithivasan, expressed his concern over the threat of job loss within the call centre industry due to the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). According to a statement featured in the Financial Times, Krithivasan and other industry experts expect an upheaval in the call centre ecosystem.

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The Role of AI in Call Centres

Call centres are an important point of contact between customers and companies, especially in the IT sector. And they have been a great career resource for millions in India. However, Krithivasan foresees a sudden shift towards AI, wherein automated systems will take over operations, and handle customer inquiries. The human interaction that made the call centre jobs an important part of the company may become redundant in the coming months. 

AI’s Presence in Customer Service

Krithivasan envisions a future where AI systems proficiently field customer calls, assisting with diverse issues. These systems will be tailored to individual customer profiles, honed through data modelling specific to each company and its clientele. He suggests that AI-led transformations could be fully used as soon as 2025, marking a swift evolution in customer service dynamics.

Industry Responses to AI’s Takeover

While many industry players, including tech giants like Google, have acknowledged the potential of AI for employment, Krithivasan offers a different perspective as well. Contrary to these predictions, he also mentioned that, with these AI advancements happening in the future, the demand for software engineers and other tech professionals is bound to rise. Moreover, he stresses the necessity for proactive workforce training to align with evolving job requirements. The need of the hour is continuous upskilling.

Call Centre jobs are at risk due to AI bots.

Addressing the Need for Skill Development

Looking at these current trends and expert advice, it becomes essential for students and tech giants like Infosys and TCS to skill themselves and their workforce in AI and machine learning capabilities. Beyond mere theoretical proficiency in AI tools, ensure practical skill development to navigate the dynamic landscape of AI-driven changes. By investing in comprehensive training programmes, these companies can equip employees with the expertise needed to thrive in AI.

Recent AI Displacement Trends

Reports indicate a growing fondness for AI to streamline operations and enhance efficiency, often at the expense of traditional job roles. For instance, AI-driven automation has begun encroaching upon the manufacturing and finance sectors, heralding a broader societal shift towards machine-driven workflows.


AI has taken over the world by storm. If you are active in the latest news, then you might have heard Bill Gates say that AI could take over my post in a few years. With these kinds of reviews coming in, you need to be prepared for the future. Companies are taking big steps towards transforming their operations and staying abreast of the changing times. By prioritising skill development and embracing AI as a catalyst for innovation, businesses can confidently navigate the evolving landscape, ensuring sustained growth and resilience in the face of technological disruption.


1. Will AI completely replace human jobs in call centres?

While AI is expected to automate certain tasks in call centres, the need for human interaction and problem-solving skills may remain crucial in customer service roles.

2. What measures are companies taking to mitigate job displacement due to AI in call centres?

Companies are investing in comprehensive training programmes to equip employees with the skills needed to complement AI technologies and enhance overall efficiency.

3. How can employees prepare for AI-driven changes in the call centre industry?

Employees can adapt by upskilling in areas such as data analysis, AI technologies, and customer relationship management to remain relevant in the evolving landscape.

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