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Introducing the New Galaxy S24 Series: Discover the Power of Galaxy AI Features

Hi everyone. My name is shahid. And I’m here to show my roommates, the new Galaxy AI features on the Galaxy S24 series. Now, I’m already loving all the new features. But they haven’t explored everything on their new phones yet. And they’re a bit new to all this mobile AI stuff. And that’s okay, because the best thing about these features is that anyone can use them to create, connect, and get more done — just like that. Okay, let’s go! Hey Juan, Do you remember that dog lamp you were trying to find for your room? Yeah…?I think I’ve got it. How? It’s called Circle to Search. It lets you search anything you see on your screen just by circling it. So we open up the video with the lamp you liked. Long press the Home button. Circle what you want to search. And there you go, search results! Whaaaaaat. That was easy.I’ve been looking for this for weeks! Hey it’s Ava. It looks like she has more locations for our Mexico trip. Bosque de… Have you heard of this place?

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Galaxy S24 Series: Experience Seamless Translation and Search Capabilities with Circle to Search and Galaxy AI

No idea… Well then let’s use Circle to Search to find this too. You long press the Home button, then scribble or drag to highlight your text. And there it is! So cool… By the way, are you two learning any Spanish before this trip, or am I translating everything? Relax, we’re taking Galaxy AI with us. Galaxy AI can translate face-to-face conversations in 13 different languages, with a feature called Interpreter. Really? Show me. To open Interpreter, swipe down on the Quick Panel and tap the Interpreter button. Then tap here to flip the top half of the screen. We’ll set a language to Spanish, and English. When you’re ready to talk, just tap the microphone button. Hi Juan, did you clean your room today? My room is probably cleaner than yours. Oh okay, I truly doubt that. I can’t believe how accurate this is. And Galaxy s24 series AI works on calls too.

Galaxy S24 Series Introduces Live Translate Feature for Real-Time Language Translation during Calls

You mean Galaxy s24 series AI can translate while you’re on a call? Like in real-time? Yeah! It’s called Live Translate.I’ve got to see this in action. Can you make a reservation at that restaurant we wanted to check out on our trip? No problem. Start by pressing the call button. Then tap the three dots, and select Settings. Choose Live Translate, and tap to switch it on. Then set your languages. So English for us, and Spanish for the restaurant. And we’re all set! Wait, what if the restaurant isn’t using an galaxy S24 series ? Oh, that’s fine. Live Translate works even when the other person isn’t using a Galaxy phone. Now watch and be amazed. Hello, The Lost Peninsula Restaurant. Hi, I’d like to make a reservation on April 1st at 7pm. [AI Voice] What name am I going to put this under? My name is Grace.[AI Voice] Okay. See you soon! Thank you! Impressed? Mind blown.

Galaxy S24 Series Introduces Innovative Communication Features: Chat Assist and Browsing Assist Enhance Texting and Content Consumption

Okay there’s one more communication feature I want to show you. And it is going to make your texting so much easier. It’s called Chat Assist. Cafe. Just like Live Translate, Chat Assist can translate your messages on the spot in 13 different languages. Wait, you mean if I text you in Spanish, you can read it in English? Exactly, but first let’s get our settings right. Open up a message, select settings, and tap Writing assist. Then select Chat Translation, and switch it on. Tap the Galaxy AI icon, then tap Chat Translation to pick your languages. Choose theirs, choose yours, and start chatting. Okay let me try this.I gotta text you something. Hey Ava! Hey. Coffee? Yeah. Did you guys get the travel blogs I sent? Too long. Didn’t read. Sorry. They were a bit long… But actually, there’s a way we can make those posts a lot easier to digest, with Galaxy AI’s Browsing Assist. Open Samsung Internet, tap the Galaxy AI icon. And tap Summarize. And you can translate it too.

Enhance Your Productivity with Galaxy S24 Series: Tap Translate, Transcribe Voice Recordings, and Optimize Travel Photos with Ease

Galaxy s24 series

Tap Translate, and pick your language. Also, with Transcript Assist, you can change your voice recordings into text. Open voice recordings, and tap the one you want to make notes from. Select Transcribe, pick your language, and it turns the whole thing into text. Then you can summarize it, organize it, or translate it. And once it’s translated, you can copy the whole thing by tapping here. This is gonna save me a ton of time. Can it organize regular notes too? For sure. You can organize and summarize all your notes with Note Assist. Okay. How about this one?I’ve been making notes for our trip, but they’re such a mess. Definitely. After you open a note, tap the Galaxy AI button. Now select Summarize. And just like that, it turns long and messy into short and sweet. Okay, I’ve got one more for you. This one is gonna make our travel pics so much better. It’s called Photo Assist. Do you remember that jumping shot we took last summer?

Introducing Photo Assist: The Ultimate Solution for Perfecting Your Photos on the Galaxy S24 Series

We tried it a million times but you could never get the timing, right? Are you still talking about that… Yes! Okay just open it up, I’ll show you how Photo Assist can fix it. Photo Assist lets you resize and move around objects and people within a photo, to get the shot you want. Go to your picture, and tap the pencil icon. Now tap the Galaxy AI icon. To select an object or person, you just outline them or long press them. Long press yourself, and you can move yourself anywhere! When you’re done, just tap generate and Galaxy AI will fill in the background. Then save a copy! Okay that was cool, but can we use Photo Assist to fix up my profile picture?I love this shot, but the reflections totally ruin it. Yeah totally, we can fix that. Let’s see what Edit Suggestions comes up with. Open your photo, then tap here to see the suggestions. See how it gives you suggestions on how to retouch your shot? Erase Reflections! That’s what I need. Tap it. Watch what happens.

Galaxy S24 Series Introduces Galaxy AI: A Game-Changing Feature for Enhanced User Experience

Whoa, it got rid of them just like that? Yeah. That’s Galaxy s24 series AI. Okay, are these features available on other Galaxy devices? My sister would love these. Absolutely! Galaxy AI is now also available on the S23 Series, Tab S9, Tab S9+, Tab S9 Ultra, Z Flip5, and Z Fold5. Can you say all that again in one breath? Just look at the photo Juan. Galaxy AI is here!.

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