Google Wallet’s Exciting Launch in India: Embracing Local Connections

Google Wallet will soon be launched in India. And yes, this app will be totally different from Google Pay. The Google Wallet app was introduced in the Play Store, with all the app integrations needed to thrive in the Indian market. The app cannot be installed through the Play Store like other wallets. This wallet app was observed to feature partnerships with Indian banks, airlines, and loyalty programmes. Users can manually install the app and link their bank cards to make seamless contactless transactions.

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Google Wallet is getting launched in India.

Local Integrations of Google Wallet

The Play Store’s Google Wallet app showcased integrations with Indian giants such as the State Bank of India (SBI), Air India, and PVR Inox. While Google has not officially confirmed the launch of this new app in India, it has committed to enhancing the Google Pay experience. Google Wallet is set to operate alongside Google Pay, to serve the unique needs of Indian consumers. This development is set to add another player to the already competitive landscape of digital payment platforms in India, which includes established services like Paytm, PhonePe, BHIM, and Amazon Pay.

Google Wallet App Installation

Although the app is not available for direct download from the Play Store in India, it has been verified that the latest APK file can be sideloaded onto Android devices, allowing users to link their credit or debit cards for contactless transactions. At present, the app’s functionality is limited, as compared to Google Pay, which supports both contactless payments for NFC-enabled smartphones and UPI transactions. The teased loyalty points system remains inactive, leaving some functionality yet to be explored.

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 Google Wallet’s Strategy in India

The potential full-fledged launch of this new wallet in India raises questions about how it might integrate with or coexist with Google Pay. Google has implemented a similar strategy in other markets. 

The possibility of a new Wallet and Google Pay operating in sync could offer Indian users a stronger digital payment ecosystem, accommodating a broader range of such diverse populations.

The Path Ahead for Google Wallet

The potential of this app to reshape the digital payments landscape in India is considerable. By providing tailored integrations and possibly working in concert with Google Pay, Google Wallet could significantly enhance the convenience and security of digital transactions for Indian users. The focus now remains on how Google will navigate the introduction and expansion of Google Wallet in India amidst the existing robust competition.


In summary, the journey of this new app into the Indian market is being watched with keen interest by both consumers and industry analysts. The unfolding developments will determine the extent to which this new wallet can adapt to the unique demands of the Indian digital payments space.


Q. What is Google Wallet?

Users can save digital copies of their credit and debit cards on this digital wallet platform created by Google. The users can also store loyalty cards and boarding passes, enabling seamless contactless payments.

Q. Is the app currently available for download in India?

As of now, it is not directly available for download from the Play Store in India. However, users can manually install the app by sideloading the latest APK file onto their Android devices.

Q. How does Google Wallet work with Indian banks and services?

The app features local integrations with major Indian entities like SBI, Air India, and PVR Inox, according to initial listings on the Play Store. This suggests that the app is tailored to work seamlessly with Indian banks and services, facilitating transactions and loyalty programme functionalities.

Q. Will Google Wallet replace Google Pay in India?

There is no indication that Google Wallet is intended to replace Google Pay in India. Rather, indications suggest that Google Wallet may operate alongside Google Pay, catering to different aspects of digital payments and offering users more options.

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