What Google Think of Google Pixel 8A launch date in India?

The Evolution of Google Pixel 8A: From Camera Pioneers to Constant Innovators

Google pixel always creates a way for other android phones, So that other android companies learn from Google, how to make android phones and how to give people experience. But in the eyes of Google, Google Pixel is a big experiment. Some people call it innovation, But in reality they try to do something new with every model And in the hope that everything gets cracked. Obviously, when the first Pixel phone came, it was known for its camera and its price was also equal to the iPhone. But when Pixel 2 came its identity was that it was a portrait with a single camera. At that time, two cameras were used in the iPhone 7 Plus to take portrait photos. Pixel took a better photo than that with a single camera And after that a portrait photo was taken with a single camera in the iPhone XR. If we talk like this, Pixel 3 was a big notch, But the night sight photography was introduced here. Astrophotography was introduced in Pixel 4 And 16 Radar Chips were introduced, which was a new innovation.

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Google’s Pixel 8A: A Journey of Innovation and Experimentation in Hardware and Software

Wireless charging was added to Pixel 5, with a metallic back In Pixel 6. You got to see the Tensor chip In Pixel 7. The camera score was improved and AI features were integrated And in Google Pixel 8 you can fix any photograph you take And even Google has introduced Pixel Fold. That is, every generation is doing something new. They are trying to do it in hardware software making chips changing design.I mean they are doing everything And it would be wrong to say that if Google Pixel is a failure, then literally, If you look at the numbers, it may be called a failure. But if you look at it from Google’s perspective, it is an experiment, And this is what happens in experiments. Google tries out more than 100 things and works out 5-10 things With Pixel. Until it takes out 10-12 generations, it will not get a chance And it will find out which thing sticks in the market.

Google Pixel 8A Rising Global Market Share and Potential in India

google pixel 8A

With this, they are experimenting with Pixel Fold and Foldable, And I saw a special thing with Google Pixel That Google Pixel’s market share is increasing globally and slowly in India In India, especially the Pixel A series, especially the 6A7 people, liked it. Along with this. It is also in the top 5 smartphone brands in the USA. Obviously your Apple is the number one company Samsung comes second, But after that Google is competing with a company like OnePlus. So yes, Google Pixel, is doing a good job in many places And even in a country like Japan, Google Pixel has grabbed a very good position. But what is the next thing?I want to tell you That is India. India is a price-sensitive market And one of the fastest growing markets in smartphone comparison Where new smartphones come and companies sell them, And every company has a lot of expensive phones.

Google Pixel 8A to Launch in India: Impact and Importance of India’s Market for Google Pixel

The world has become such that even a company like Xiaomi, sells a phone worth Rs 1 lakh in India, But the question is: is India important for Google Pixel? Well, obviously it is important. Last year, Mr Sundar Pichai himself came to India and confirmed That Google will make Pixel in India and Pixel 9 series will be made in India Along with Pixel 9. They can also make their own Pixel products here Now, let’s see what are the things and where they are made.I feel that information will come in a few months about this, But its benefit will be that at least the price of Pixel 9 series is a little affordable And, if not affordable, then it comes at a price point where it is not too expensive, And it Does not take you at a good rate.I mean what happened with the iPhone When the iPhone 15 came. Its rate was the same as the iPhone 14, But despite that, they kept the exact same price of iPhone 15 here And made it in India and in the future.

Google Pixel 8A Launch Date in India: Discount Offers and Potential for a Successful Experiment with Pixel 9 Pro and XL Revealed

If there are discount offers on it, then you get a very good deal. They can do the same story with Pixel 9, but we will have to see what comes in it. If you are interested in Pixel 9, you can tell that in Google Pixel 9 you have Pixel 9 9 Pro and a 9 Pro XL. Here too, they are trying to make a different pack of the XL phone and experiment, And when this phone will be released, then we will know whether the experiment is successful or not And tell Google. They know all the problems with Pixel. They know that there is heating in the tensor. They know that there are network related issues, They are fixing everything in the backend. The only problem is that people should always break the solution, But it is not possible to create a solution for any big company. In a snap, Companies can create a solution, but it takes 1-2 years to execute it. Google will also fix this in the future. With this, I can also tell you that the main focus of Google is not Pixel.

Google’s pixel 8A Focus on AI and Partnership with Apple Sets the Stage for Pixel 8a Launch in India

Phone Pixel’s division is very small, and Google has kept Pixel in the experimental phase. They have not taken it to the mainstream The day. Its hyper focus goes on Pixel phone, it will become mainstream And the reason behind this is that Google’s priority right now is its search Android Or say it is focusing on AI. As we are talking about, Google, it is focusing on its Gemini AI, And it knows that AI is a very big thing. So definitely in Pixel phone they will open Gemini AI, But they will try their best to take the capabilities of AI in every Android phone. In the upcoming Android 15, If they use AI in most of the phones, then definitely Google will benefit Google’s Android is found everywhere And when most of the users in Android use Google’s apps and services, then Google will definitely benefit. That’S why Google has partnered with Apple. Google provides its search to Apple iPhone Plus, it is also providing the upcoming Gemini AI Google is doing an interesting job With this.

Google prioritizes strong partnerships with Android makers while enjoying critical acclaim for Pixel A series and Pixel 4, eyeing global market expansion

Google will also benefit if AI features come in every Android phone. Along with this, Google does not want to mess with its big partners like Xiaomi and Samsung. They don’t want to upset them. They want Google Pixel to be in their own place in the market, But to keep other companies happy. They want to make a good relationship with them, Because definitely Google relies a lot on its partners Because its partners use Android and like to use it Because Google’s partners use Google’s apps so that you can see them in Android phones. That’S why Google doesn’t want to upset Android makers, Because Google has been working well with its partners. Overall, Google Pixel is very critically acclaimed. People like Pixel A series and its Pixel 4 People have gathered more than 2 % market share in the US, But globally the day they enter the market with hyper focus.

Google Pixel 8A: Anticipating Slow but Promising Market Growth and Potential Success in India

They can do a good job, But I can tell you one thing about Google Pixel Every year they try out some new things and you get to see something new in it. We have seen many examples in the past, But I can tell you one thing: Whenever they try out something new, they will fail 8 out of 10, But the two things that will be successful here. They can definitely make a good place here.I think Pixel’s market share will grow slowly.A lot of people will like it here And in the future. As soon as Google focuses on it, it can become a big tool here, But we have to wait a little for this Pixel’s story will change. It will change in India too, And there can be major changes in 2024 as soon as production starts in India.I will see you in the next one. Goodbye

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