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Remember Top Gun, a Tom Cruise movie where he makes a dashing entry wearing Ray Ban aviators. Enter, Meta Ray-Ban Smart Glasses. These Rayban glasses have come to steal the show from the superstars. Rayban has teamed up with Meta and made several new AI additions to their glasses collection. Yes, your sunglasses will be super smart and can do several things with just a snap of a button. With these features, the AI assistant will analyse images and videos captured by the camera. For instance, if a foreign-language menu needs to be translated, the camera and the Meta AI feature can be used for instant information and translation. And voila, you are set for a meal. 

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Enhanced Design and New Functionalities in Meta Ray-Ban Smart Glasses

For our fashion-conscious friends, a range of new Ray-Ban smart glasses with new designs has been launched. The collection includes the new Skyler Frames series, specifically crafted for individuals with smaller facial features, which are currently available for pre-order. Additionally, it boosts popular models with the addition of new colour options.

Meta Ray-Ban smart glasses review

Expanded Entertainment Options

Getting bored!! No problem at all, these glasses have integrated music settings with Apple Music. So a big Yes to the music on the Go! Accessible in more than 15 countries, including prominent regions such as the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, France, and Germany, Meta Smart Glasses are currently available. The AI glasses are not available in India yet.

Technical Enhancements in Meta Ray-Ban Smart Glasses

An ultra-wide 12MP camera and a five-mic system are now featured, enabling users to capture high-quality photos and immersive videos. Photos and videos can be shared at the touch of a button, bringing people closer to the user’s world. Moreover, open-ear speakers are featured, allowing the enjoyment of rich audio quality, music, and calls without losing the ambient sounds of the surroundings.

By integrating multimodal AI, enhancing design elements, and expanding functionalities, the Meta Ray-Ban smart glasses are set to redefine how we interact with technology in our daily lives.

Meta Ray-Ban smart glasses camera

Beta Testing and New Updates

Meta has tested this new launch extensively and now offers it in beta to users in the United States and Canada. New features have also been introduced, allowing users to engage in video calls via WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. This feature has been designed to share user’s experiences and perspectives during conversations, thus enhancing overall communication. You do not need Tony Stark’s Jarvis now; just Ray Ban meta sunglasses are enough to call hands-free with just a touch of your eye shield. With AI advancements happening at a striking pace, who knows what will be integrated with AI next? Any clues?


1. What functionality do these smart glasses offer?

Ray-Ban smart glasses blend timeless style with advanced wearable technology, allowing users to capture photos, conduct video calls, or live stream directly through the glasses. Additionally, users can listen to music, make phone calls, or send texts using voice commands. The Meta View app enhances this experience by enabling users to view, share, and save their media, customise voice commands, and adjust settings easily.

2. Is Ray-Ban part of Meta?

No, Ray-Ban is not part of Meta. They are independent companies that teamed up to produce the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses line.

3. How can the Meta AI feature assist users daily?

The AI can identify objects and translate texts in real-time, making everyday tasks like identifying bird species or translating menus easier.

4. What are the new features of the smart glasses?

The new glasses feature multimodal AI that can analyse images and videos, support video calls via WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, and integrate with Apple Music.

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