TCS Boosts Employee Growth with Essential AI Skills

AI skills are soon becoming the most demanding attribute for professionals across various industries. And yet another company to join the artificial intelligence bandwagon is TCS. The company has prepared one of the largest AI-trained workforces in the country. Most companies and employers recognise the need for AI proficiency. K. Krithivasan, CEO and Managing Director, announced that the number of employees trained in AI skills had doubled, and this shows the company’s commitment to developing one of the largest and most AI-ready workforces worldwide.

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AI skills is the best way to get a job in TCS

 Accelerating AI Skills

By the end of the fourth quarter on March 31, it was revealed that approximately 350,000 employees had received training in AI skills. This proficiency is proof of the deep dedication of the company towards advanced AI skills and engineering within the company. In response to this growing AI demand, educational institutions and corporations are investing in AI training programmes.

 Enhancing Client Partnerships with AI

These achievements are of great importance in terms of client relationships. Krithivasan highlighted that AI is the future and that having AI skills is essential to servicing clients in this digital era. By equipping employees with fundamental AI knowledge, TCS ensures that the company and its employees are well-prepared to elevate customer experiences. AI proficiency also enables TCS employees to optimise project efficiencies through contract reviews involving clause identification and validation.

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A Collaborative Workplace

The work-from-home scenario is coming to an end, and most employees are returning to their offices. AI skill enhancement for employees also comes as a part of sustained growth, collaboration, and unlocking new possibilities. As the fiscal year drew to a close, Krithivasan, who was approaching his one-year mark as CEO, participated in strategic discussions at the TCS Blitz event in Abu Dhabi. The focus was on revitalising, realigning, and reinventing the company for the future, underscoring a proactive approach to seizing new business opportunities and addressing existing challenges.


In a year filled with significant changes and milestones, TCS stands out not only for its technological achievements but also for its committed workforce and leadership, poised to drive the company into a future where AI plays a central role. The company’s journey reflects innovation, collaboration, and forward-thinking through the shared efforts of every individual at TCS.


Q. What are AI skills, and why are they important?

AI skills refer to the abilities and knowledge associated with understanding, developing, and applying artificial intelligence technologies. These skills are crucial because they enable individuals and organisations to leverage AI for problem-solving, efficiency improvements, and innovation, keeping them competitive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Q. How has TCS enhanced its workforce’s AI capabilities?

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has significantly invested in training its workforce in AI, having trained around 350,000 employees as of the end of the fourth fiscal quarter of 2024. This initiative positions TCS as one of the largest and most AI-ready workforces globally.

Q. What impact does AI training have on TCS’s business?

By equipping its employees with AI skills, TCS has been able to expand its generative AI deal pipeline to $900 million. This training enables TCS to engage in over 200 generative AI projects with clients across various industries, enhancing client relationships and driving digital transformation.

Q.  What future trends in AI skills can we expect?

The future trends in AI skills are likely to include more specialized training in areas such as machine learning, natural language processing, and robotics. There will also be a greater emphasis on ethical AI use and the development of AI that can work collaboratively with human intelligence.

Q. How can individuals develop AI skills?

Individuals can develop AI skills through various online courses, degree programs, and certifications offered by educational institutions and technology platforms. Practical experience through internships or projects, along with staying updated with the latest AI research and developments, also plays a critical role.

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