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Top 6-7 Futuristic Best Smartphones Unveiled at MWC 2024, Honor Magic 6 Pro Stands Out with 180MP Periscope Camera

Alright friends, this is the 3rd day of MWC. Yes, it’s the 3rd day. And we have tested all the Best smartphones. In this video, I am going to tell you about the best smartphones that we have seen. Which are futuristic as well as show new technologies. You know, you can see what smartphones are going to be in the next 1-2 years. Alright, let’s start friends. First of all, we are at the Honor booth. Honor’s 2 phones are amazing.I am going to tell you about the best smartphones that we have tested.I am going to talk about Xiaomi 14 Ultra specifically. But first, let’s talk about this phone, the Honor Magic 6 Pro. Yes, 2-3 things stand out about this phone. First of all, its periscope camera is 180MP. Talking about the camera, it has a lot of AI features. It has auto-capture, which means if someone is dancing or jumping, you don’t have to press the shutter button, it will automatically do it. But there’s one more thing that surprised me.

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Honor Unveils Lightweight Silicon Carbon Battery and Expensive Foldable Phone in 2024 Flagship Lineup

It has a 5600mAh battery, but when you hold it in your hand, it doesn’t feel heavy at all. And the reason for that is, it has a silicon carbon battery which is lighter. It’s very dense, that’s why it gives you 5600mAh capacity. But it’s also very lightweight, so that’s another great technology. And friends, it has amazing specs like 8th Gen 3 etc. That’s what all flagships have, but it also includes all the other features. And as I mentioned, it has amazing AI features. And friends, the 2nd phone is also by Honor. And it’s the most expensive phone Honor has, it’s not a special edition though. It’s not a special edition of Porsche Design, Honor Magic V2 RSR. It’s basically their foldable phone, it costs 2700 Euros. That’s around Rs 2.7-3 Lakhs. You can see that it has an amazing design. And the reason for it being so expensive is, you can see that the design is exactly like the Porsche Design. And even after folding, it’s 9.9mm, so it’s very slim.

Xiaomi 14 Ultra: A Truly Ultra Best Smartphones with Impressive Camera and Video Capabilities

Best smartphones 2024

And it has a total titanium build, which contributes to its high cost. But yes, Honor Magic V2 RSR won’t be coming to India, but I loved it. That I can say. Let’s talk about the next phone, and that’s Xiaomi 14 Ultra. Friends, this phone seriously looks like it suits the Ultra moniker. If I talk about the camera, it has four 50MP lenses including two 50MP telephoto lenses. The primary sensor is 1 inch, which isn’t a new feature. We’ve seen earlier smartphones that come with 1-inch sensors before. But this one has a 1-inch sensor with variable aperture. That’s what’s really big. And if I discuss the features, this time, the video capabilities have received significant focus. The LUTs are also crazy. If I take this video, you’ll see here, and then if I look, check these out. The LUTs are absolutely stunning. You’ll be able to get the feel you want from the video with these LUTs. Just look at this. All these things that are given, that really makes this phone an Ultra. The rest are all specifications.

Ultra Phone Unveils Professional-Grade Camera Gear and Motorola Introduces Bendable Wrist Phone in Best Smartphones of 2024

And there’s one more feature that truly makes this phone an Ultra, but it will require an additional investment. Yes, there’s camera gear that essentially turns it into a professional-grade camera.I mean, seriously, let me show you. Look at this, I’m talking about this. This actually gives you a record button and a play/pause button. You’ll be able to set these exposure levels. This actually comes out. And then you can fix it & it’s fixed. Not only that, you’ll also be able to remove these top lenses. You can see this, you can open this, and you can change the appearance of your camera. Look at this. And your phone is like a camera. Now let’s talk about the next 2 phones. These aren’t actually concept phones; they will become a reality. 1st is the Motorola’s bendable phone, which you can wear on your wrist as it completely bends. We took a demo of it. There are different screen sizes; the 6.9″ screen bends to become 4.6″. And when it’s on the wrist, it’s a 1.1″.

Innovative and Repairable: Motorola, Tecno, and Fair phone Among the Best Smartphones of 2024

So overall, it’s working & it works well. So that’s one, the Motorola’s bendable phone concept. And the second phone we saw, which is from a brand that’s innovating, is the Tecno Phantom Ultimate. This phone essentially unfolds, expanding from 4.6″ to 6.9″. It doesn’t bend, it rolls. It’s a rollable screen, but it has a 6.55” normal candy bar. And when you swipe it with three fingers, it extends in one second to become a 7.11-inch display. So again, a tablet and a normal candy bar phone form factor. This phone is also set to launch, it’s nearing reality. It’s anticipated to launch in the second half of this year. So I’m looking forward to that as well. There’s another phone that may not stand out with its specifications, but it excels in terms of repairability. It’s the Fairphone 5. We went to the booth and you can sit in your bedroom and take apart the Fairphone 5. Because it’s great in terms of repairability. It has an iFixit score of 10, which is the best for repairability.

Fairphone 5 and Samsung Concept Phones Unveiled: Revolutionary Battery and Repair Features, and Futuristic Bendable Displays

Nowadays, it’s so difficult to take out the battery from a phone. But if you look at the Fairphone 5, the battery, camera, and speakers come out immediately. And you can repair it, it’s so easy. That’s what I need from all the brands. So these 4-5 phones are amazing. But if I’m talking about the concept phones, like the ones with bendable displays, then we’ll go to a Samsung display booth, where I’ll show you something interesting. These phones are on Samsung displays, which they manufacture. This is a flexible display, so you can just roll it around your wrist. This is how it rolls, complete fold. So the coming phones will look like this, that’s how it’s going to be. And look at the other displays, here’s the OLED smart speaker, it’s display is on, but look at that. Alright friends, this is a bi-fold display, it’s foldable, but can you fold this? Like this, like this. That is awesome! It’s a bi-fold display, it’s completely foldable. It’s such a big display, complete!

Introducing the Future of Best Smartphones 2024: Bi-Fold and Extendable Displays

And friends, we saw a small phone from TECNO, but look at this big display. This completely unfolds, it’s compact at the moment, but then it fully opens up. Look at this, it’s a big display now. So these are all Samsung displays & very soon we’ll see bi-fold, extendable displays on our smartphones & tablets. And these extendable displays have a benefit – you don’t see the crease at all. Basically it rolls inwards, look at that. Friends, look at how thin this card is, it’s a hotel card, it’s a key pin. And look at this display, it’s an OLED display, it’s a working display, look at this. So friends, I wanted to show this in the smartphone video because future smartphones and tablets will have these extendable displays. How did you like it?I hope you got a sense of the best smartphones, concept phones, and displays that future devices might feature. You’re getting to know all this.

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