OnePlus mobiles are to be banned from offline retail stores.

OnePlus mobiles might be removed from offline stores soon. Allegations have been made that the company has been offering discounts and deals, leading to distrust among its distributors in the country. A better connection with these retailers and a more equitable offering of services have been demanded.

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OnePlus’s Response to Retailer Concerns

It was quoted by OnePlus in a report.

OnePlus values all the support it has received from our trusted retail partners in the last 7 years. At present, we are working with our partners to address the areas highlighted, ensuring our continued commitment to a strong and prosperous relationship going forward.

OnePlus’s Market Presence and Retailer Issues

Since its debut, OnePlus has been a core part of the smartphone market in India. Its reach has been expanded beyond online channels to include retailers and the establishment of its own stores.

OnePlus company mobiles to be banned from retail stores
Potential Sales Ban by Retailer Associations

A significant threat is posed to the company by the South Indian Organised Retailers Association (ORA) and the All India Mobile Retailers Association (AIMRA), which could result in a ban on the sale of the company’s products at over 150,000 retail stores. One Plus needs to fix the entire situation by May 1st, or the products will be banned from retail stores. With AIMRA in the picture, OnePlus may be looking at a complete sales ban, which is certainly not good for the company’s sales.

OnePlus’s Relationship with Retailers

The company is rumoured to not have satisfactory relations with retailers, which is never an ideal situation to sell mobiles in the offline market. Although the mobile company has claimed to be one of the top sellers via online channels, its focus is the offline market seems to have wavered, which appears to have caused this displeasure among the retailers in the country.

The Path Forward for OnePlus

The situation clearly indicates that a balance must be maintained between online and offline sales channels. The importance of nurturing strong relationships with retail partners has been underscored, as these relationships are crucial for the success of any brand in the competitive retail landscape of India. Moving forward, it will be essential for OnePlus to address these challenges proactively to maintain its market presence and ensure continued success in one of its most important markets.


Q. What issues is the company facing with offline retailers in India?

OnePlus is currently facing significant pressure from offline retailers in India due to allegations of unfair practices like providing inadequate margins and insufficient stock, which has led to distrust among its distributors.

Q. What actions have retailer associations threatened against the mobile company?

The South Indian Organised Retailers Association (ORA), along with the All India Mobile Retailers Association (AIMRA), have threatened to ban the sale of OnePlus products in over 150,000 retail stores across India if their concerns are not addressed.

Q. Why is the offline market important for OnePlus?

The offline market is crucial as it allows the brand to expand its reach beyond online channels, providing customers with direct interaction and experience with their products, which is vital for sustained growth in a diverse market like India.

Q. What could be the impact of a sales ban on the mobile company?

A sales ban could significantly hinder its ability to sell its products in a major portion of the Indian retail market, potentially leading to reduced sales volumes and a weakened brand presence in one of its key global markets.

Q. How has the mobile company responded to the concerns raised by offline retailers?

OnePlus has acknowledged the issues and has publicly committed to working with its partners to address the areas highlighted, aiming to strengthen its relationships and ensure a prosperous relationship moving forward.

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